• About Email Marketing

    Effective ways to grow your list, dangers of purchased lists, improving click-through rate, email frequency.

  • General

    About Direct Mail projects, troubleshooting steps, system requirements, upgrading.

  • Messages

    Using templates, adding unsubscribe links, personalizing with mail-merge tags and conditional logic, image and web hosting.

  • Managing Mailing Lists

    Adding contacts, importing, segmenting, handling bounces and unsubscribes, spam complaints.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Resources to help you understand and comply with the GDPR, a data privacy law protecting the personal information of European Union citizens.

  • Subscribe Forms

    Creating subscribe forms, adding subscribe forms to your website or Facebook page, syncing subscribe forms with Direct Mail.

  • Integrations

    Integrate Direct Mail with other Mac apps, web apps, and databases that you already use.

  • Delivery

    e3 Delivery Service, using your own mail server, email authentication, avoiding the spam folder, scheduling deliveries.

  • Tracking

    Understanding campaign performance, comparing and sharing campaign reports.

  • Autoresponders

    Use autoresponders to automatically trigger email campaigns based on the criteria and events you choose.

  • Cloud Sync and Share

    Access your Direct Mail project from multiple Macs, or share it with other Direct Mail users.

  • Design Tests

    Design Tests show you full-size screenshots of what your email looks like when viewed in a variety of email clients.

  • Purchasing

    Pricing plans, free plan, VAT, licensing, upgrading from previous versions.

  • Direct Mail Accounts

    Signing in, monitoring access, changing passwords, disabled accounts.

  • API

    Use the Direct Mail API to programmatically access and update data inside your Direct Mail projects

  • Stamps App for iOS

    Track your email campaign results on the go with Stamps, an iOS companion app to Direct Mail for your iPhone or iPad.