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Direct Mail is downloading now to your Downloads folder.
Here’s a 60-second guide to sending your first email.

1 Launch Direct Mail

Direct Mail will appear in your Dock after it has finished downloading and decompressing. Click the icon to launch Direct Mail.

Launch Direct Mail

2 Compose a sample email

Let‘s compose and send a sample email. To start, enter the From Name, From Email, and Subject line of your email.

Entering From Name, From Email, and Subject

3 Select a template

Select a template for your sample email from the gallery (or just choose “Plain”). You can customize any template just by clicking and typing.

Select a template for your sample email

4 Add a recipient to your mailing list

Click the Addresses tab at the top of the window then click “New Address” in the toolbar. For starters, try adding just your own email address to the list.

Adding recipients to your mailing list

5 Send

Click the Send button in the top-right corner of the window. After you‘ve confirmed that yes, you really want to send, your message will be on its way!

Sending your sample email

6 View the report

After your email has sent, click the View Report button to see all sorts of nifty stats about your campaign: who opened it, clicked it, unsubscribed—even the geographic location of your readers. There‘s a wealth of information available in each campaign report.

View the report after sending your first email

Congratulations on sending your first email campaign! Next, learn how to add a mailing list subscribe form to your website.

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